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Precision Concepts Group Announces BORALIGN®
Precision Concepts Group is now offering the latest development for the measuring of bores and bearings in internal combustion engines, compressors, turbines, pumps and other machinery. BORALIGN® is also designed for marine applications (stern tube bearing alignment) as well as for the alignment of work pieces to a boring head.


Precision Concepts Group machinery installers move and position most any size item. Precision Concepts Group adds the element of cost efficient and innovative creativity to each move looking for ways which save time and expense for our customers. Our personnel specialize in uniquely effective approaches to moving or placing heavy, awkward items not easily handled by conventional rigging techniques. Our access to an arsenal of cranes, gantries, heavy-duty forklifts and specialized rigging tools make tough moves a little bit easier.

In an age of sophisticated technology, dismantling, transporting, and installing your company's operations can be critical. Excessive downtime or a machine out of production can be costly to your business. That's why you need Precision Concepts Group - the experienced professionals you can rely on to do the job right!

Whether you require a single specialized move, or a completely planned plant relocation, Precision Concepts Group can meet your needs. Our management team and fully-insured technicians will handle your project professionally, cost-effectively and to your timely satisfaction.